BookArt is a team of creatives developed out of Anteism Publishing who produce seamlessly handcrafted books
on demand.

With our considerable broad experience in printing, binding, book design and print brokerage, our team of specialists at BookArt have developed a deep understanding of books. We share our enthusiasm by working closely and creatively with our clients to produce beautiful custom-made books.


Each step of the production process is performed with quality in mind. We can assure our customers that their books will be printed true to their files.

To ensure top quality our production process requires customer approval of physical/digital proofs.


Our team consists of skilled individuals with extensive knowledge and combined experience working in book production. From custom materials, print and finishing techniques such as screenprinting, foiling and debossing, we are capable of producing a book according to your specifications.


Our team of designers are available to assist with the design and management of your project and will work closely with you to complete your project as envisioned. View some of the past books created by BookArt. 

Please email us your questions regarding any aspect of the production of your book.


See our FAQ page or contact us directly.

Harley Smart
General Information

Ryan Thompson
Design & Prepress

Yoav Worth
Print Production


VISIT US (by appointment)

Bindery + shipping address:
#409-6201 ave. du Parc
Montreal, QC.
H2V 4H6